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Since 1964 ten symposiums on the redundancy problems were held in the Soviet Union. The symposiums covered the widest theme of the creation of the information systems. The last symposium of that kind took place in 1989. During the 90s - a hard time for education and science - there were no such symposiums. But the problem of the redundancy optimization for designing information, communication, program, technical etc. systems is still important for the development of the modern technique.

Saint-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation (SUAI) with the Russian Academy of Sciences were the organizers of all the 10 symposiums on the redundancy problems. In 2007 SUAI proposed to restore the symposium taking into account that scientific, technical and political situation had changed.

XI symposium on the redundancy problems in the information systems was held in the beginning of July 2007 in Saint-Petersburg. The symposium had an international status and was organized under the aegis of Ministry of Education, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and technical co-sponsorship of the IEEE Russia (Northwest) Section and the IEEE Information Theory Society.

In May 2009 the XII symposium on the redundancy problems in the information systems was held in Saint-Petersburg, thus continuing the tradition and history of these symposiums. The XII symposium was organized by SUAI, Institute for Information Transmission Problems (IITP) RAS, IEEE Information Theory Society, IEEE Russia (Siberia and Northwest sections), sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research and supported by Nokia, Siemens, IAF.

The XV symposium will be held in 26-29 September, 2016 in Saint-Petersburg.


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